Philip and James Apostles
1st May 2019
Philip and James appear in the list of the twelve apostles in the first three gospels but are frequently confused with other early saints who share their names. In John’s gospel, Philip has a more prominent rôle, being the third of the apostles to be called by Jesus and then himself bringing his friend Nathanael to the Lord. Philip is the spokesman for the other apostles who are questioning the capacity for feeding the five thousand and, at the Last Supper, enters into a dialogue with Jesus which leads to the Farewell Discourse of our Lord.

James is said to be the son of Alphæus and is often known as ‘James the Less’ to distinguish him. He may also be the ‘James the Younger’ whose mother, in Mark’s gospel, is a witness at the crucifixion.

They are celebrated on the same day because the church in Rome, where their relics were laid to rest, was dedicated on this day in the year 560.


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