Confirmation marks the point in a person’s life when – for those who were baptised at infants - they affirm the promises that were made on their behalf at their baptism and their personal commitment to the Christian faith. Confirmation takes place within a special service which is led by the bishop.

Those who were not baptised as infants but who wish to make a public commitment to the Christian faith are also welcome to explore confirmation. If they choose to be confirmed they will also be baptised by the bishop as part of the service.

All those who are interested in confirmation are encouraged to meet with the clergy to deepen their understanding of Christian faith and to explore whether confirmation is the right step for them. For some, this preparation for confirmation will take place one-on-one – whilst for others, it will take place in a group setting or within our established discipleship programme (see the ‘Exploring Faith’ page for more details).

For more information about confirmation please contact the clergy

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