Funerals, which mark the end of a person’s life, can be painful and difficult occasions. They can also be poignant and even joyful, as the life of the deceased person is remembered and the Christian hope of resurrection is proclaimed.

Everybody who lives in the parish of All Saints is entitled to have their funeral in our church. Our clergy are also available to take funerals at a cemetery or crematorium. 

If you are arranging a funeral and would like our involvement – either in church or at the cemetery/ crematorium – please make that clear to the funeral directors. They will then contact us to make arrangements. 

Once a date for the funeral has been agreed with the funeral directors, the minister who is to take the funeral will meet you to discuss the funeral service itself, to talk about the deceased, and to offer support and comfort. They will be able to help with choosing hymns, music, readings and other elements which you may wish to be included in the service.

The Church of England also has a helpful website dedicated to funerals, containing lots of information. Go to

We are also glad to offer memorial services, burials of ashes and other services of remembrances for those who have already had their funeral. For these special services you are welcome to contact us directly, without the involvement of a funeral director.

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